Regular Membership 2023-2024

Curling membership options for new and current members. Fall 2023, Winter 2024, and Spring 2024.

Base Membership 2023-2024

Base membership in the Pittsburgh Curling Club, includes registration with GNCC & USCA. Does not include weekly curling. This membership is good for the entire 2023-20234 season. The Base Membership is included in all regular memberships so no need to get this if you're signing up for a regular membership.

  • Base Membership (2023-2024)

    Base membership in the Pittsburgh Curling Club. Does not include curling.

Social Membership 2023-2024

Social membership only for the entire 2023-2024 season. Does not include curling. Includes all the partying in the Warm Room and watching all events. But if you'd like to join as a regular member, we'll credit you your 50 bucks.

  • Social Membership 2023-2024